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The SpongiCol products are nutritional supplements with marine collagen from Chondrosia reniformis and lecithins. They are available in all pharmacies or in the online shop of the pharmacy “Apotheke am Eschenheimer Turm”. For more information on the products, please click here.
More information about sponge collagen from Chondrosia reniformis can be found here.

More about Enteric Coating using marine sponge collagen

Marine sponge collagen serves as an essential component of innovative anti-aging skin care regimens aimed at replenishing the diminishing collagen reservoirs of aging skin and as a patented vehicle for transdermal drug delivery. Additionally, marine sponge collagen exhibits a unique pH-profile, which enables the formation of a natural polymer film that is stable in acidic environments, as proven by KliniPharm’s experts.

SpongiCol® makes use of this distinctive marine sponge collagen feature, by preventing acidic breakdown of lecithin during the gastric passage into the lower intestine, as desired for example when following a balanced diet for digestive conditions, such as ulcerative colitis (UC) or inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). In the basic pH encountered in the lower intestine, marine sponge collagen forms an aqueous gel that coats the mucosal layers of the colon, thereby acting as a natural protective barrier. This gel barrier contains collagen fibrils as well as intact lecithin macromolecules, which are continuously released for prolonged time periods.

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