Klinipharm GmbH, Eschborn
Klinipharm GmbH, Eschborn
Klinipharm GmbH, Eschborn

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Klinipharm GmbH, Eschborn


About us

For over two decades, KliniPharm has been conducting research in collaboration with academic institutes around the world, and has successfully identified curative and restorative bioactive complexes from marine sponges.

KliniPharm has developed a unique product portfolio for skin care, hormonal rebalancing, and inflammatory diseases, which utilizes these novel bioactive complexes as well as patented drug delivery vehicles engineered to optimize absorption and therapeutic efficacy using marine collagen nanoparticles and vesigel® liposomes.

We invite you to learn more about our company, research activities, and innovative products.

Ancient Knowledge and Modern Science

We continually strive to bridge the gap between nature and science. We merge the knowledge with which we have been inspired by our visionaries, including the famous medical doctors and naturopaths Hippocrates and Samuel Hahnemann, with modern technology and potent plant and marine compounds.