Klinipharm GmbH, Eschborn
Klinipharm GmbH, Eschborn
Klinipharm GmbH, Eschborn

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Klinipharm GmbH, Eschborn



KliniPharm is a young and innovative biopharmaceutical company founded on the ideals of thousands of years, harnessing natural remedies to fight disease and promote health and well-being. We are especially proud of and are inspired by our German-Greek heritage, dating back to the father of medicine and first naturopath, Hippocrates, and numerous German homeopaths, including Samuel Hahnemann and his protégés. KliniPharm strives to merge cutting edge science with centuries of accumulated expertise in natural medicine, with a particular focus on medicinal properties of marine flora.


From October 1, 2018 to September 30, 2020, KliniPharm has been a partner in a ZIM cooperation project (ALPHAKOL) with the Alfred Wegener Institute, Bremerhaven, with the aim of developing a new, land-based aquaculture process for the production of marine sponges and the pharmacological use of sponge collagen for colon targeting using film coatings from C. reniformis collagen.
KliniPharm and cooperation partners of Queen’s University of Belfast and Dublin City University received the Best Paper 2016 Award from the Journal of Material Science: Materials in Medicine for their publication:

„Biocompatibility of calcium phosphate bone cement with optimized mechanical properties: an in-vivo study“, Journal of Material Science: Materials in Medicine, Volume 27: 191 (2016).

In collaboration with its licensed distributor Euro OTC Pharma, KliniPharm launches Vesigel Compact and Vesigel Dilutor, a ready-to-use cream base for pharmaceutical compounding of transdermal gels. KliniPharms proprietory Vesigel technology is thus made available to patients and customers in pharmacies nationwide.
KliniPharm moves into new, state-of-the-art production and administrative facilities in Eschborn, Germany.

KliniPharm launches SpongiCol®, an innovative nutraceutical, which harnesses the unique properties of marine sponge collagen to help those suffering from ulcerative colitis.
KliniPharm, in collaboration with its partnered compounding pharmacy, launches novel hormonal rebalancing creams, which incorporate the company’s patented vesigel® transdermal delivery technology.
KliniPharm launches its novel eleana™ skin care and wellness line in test markets in Germany. eleana™ is the first marine-based product line successfully developed from academic grants and sponsorship from the European Comission.

KliniPharm continues to expand collaboration agreements with scientific institutes and corporate partners throughout Europe and expands environmentally sustainable sponge aquacultures.
KliniPharm is awarded the SPONGES Grant from the European Commission’s Research Directorate-General to develop large-scale production capabilities of marine sponge biomass.
KliniPharm receives DIN EN ISO certification for establishing an effective quality management system to ensure the best safety and quality of our products and for continually meeting regulatory requirements of European surveillance authorities.
Maria Schatton, CEO of KliniPharm, receives the Economic Award from the German-Hellenic Economic Association for her integrative role in furthering marine research and advancing commercial relations between Germany and Greece.

Tobias Schatton joins KliniPharm as a partner.
KliniPharm begins to develop product prototypes using nanoparticles and liposomes as drug delivery vehicles.

KliniPharm expands research collaborations to multiple scientific institutes throughout Europe and develops methodologies enabling the isolation of commercializable amounts of active compounds from marine sponges for the first time.
KliniPharm is awarded the SPONGE Grant from the European Commission’s Research Directorate-General to investigate the potential commercializability of marine sponges for pharmaceutical applications.
In alliance with the Department of Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Sciences of the University of Frankfurt, KliniPharm establishes a Ph.D. program in pharmaceutical technology and enrolls its first student.

In collaboration with academic institutions, KliniPharm scientists successfully identify more than ten sponge species out of hundreds with promising bioactivity profiles.
KliniPharm is commissioned by the German Ministry of Education and Research to investigate the potential medicinal application of novel substances found in marine sponges.
Dr. Wolfgang and Maria Schatton found KliniPharm GmbH, seeking to advance research on natural compounds and homeopathic remedies. With roots in one of the oldest pharmacies in Frankfurt, Germany, KliniPharm combines the experience of generations in naturopathy and homeopathy with biopharmaceutical technology, laying the foundation for future scientific research endeavors.