Klinipharm GmbH, Eschborn
Klinipharm GmbH, Eschborn
Klinipharm GmbH, Eschborn

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Klinipharm GmbH, Eschborn


KliniPharm – Nature innovated

Your experts in marine research and development.

For over two decades, KliniPharm has been conducting research in collaboration with academic institutes around the world, and has successfully identified curative and restorative bioactive complexes from marine sponges.

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Nature represents the culmination of millions of years of evolution of the complex ecosystems and organisms that inhabit our earth, which have paved the way for human life…

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Corporate Overview

Corporate Overview

Since KliniPharm was founded in 1993 as a small start-up with close ties to Germany and Greece…

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KliniPharm is a young and innovative biopharmaceutical company founded on the ideals of thousands of years…

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Our Team

Meet our team…

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KliniPharm partners with biotech and pharma companies, which allows us to expand our R&D infrastructure and capacity…

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KliniPharm GmbH stands for intensive research into marine natural products and their development into innovative products. Our research efforts have so far led to the successful launch of four unique product families – SpongiCol®, Vesigel®, and, for colon targeting, the range of Spongi® products that are released in the colon, as well as our skin care range eleana®.


Research Areas

KliniPharm is dedicated to innovative research with a focus on natural compounds, particularly novel substances derived from marine flora…

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Patents & Publications

KliniPharm owns unique patents that cover an array of technologies, methodologies, and devices directed…

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Grants & Collaborations

KliniPharm was selected by the German Ministry of Education and Research and the…

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Klinipharm GmbH
Hauptstr. 23
65760 Eschborn

Phone:+49 6196 – 96 96 646
Fax:+49 6196 – 96 96 647

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